Rob Adie“The decision now rests with the IOC as to whether climbing makes it into the Olympic games in 2020 and this will be made in the summer. There’s no more lobbying or anything like that can be done and it’s down to the committee members who will be voting. What the climbing world needs to do now is promote itself through the media. There are members of the IOC around the world that will be watching so we need to do our bit to promote climbing to the wider public and this is where the Climb2020 campaign comes in. I thing it’s going to be fantastic project and not only good for climbing communities but a great way of reaching out to people who don’t know much about the sport.”

“I’ve been involved in competition climbing and assisting with the GB Team for eight years now and I’ve seen the guys on the team work so hard to get where they are now and we’re in a fantastic position going forward to 2020. For me it would be an absolutely privaliage to be involved in the Olympic programme and to be involved in taking a team of Brits to their first Olympic games would absolutely fantastic.”