Ian-Dunn-Thumb“When the BMC asked its area committees to approve the proposal to go for the Olympic Status and this was passed by the BMC National Council, some people were shocked. I wasn’t one of them, I personally can’t see any real disadvantage to having part of our sport as an Olympic discipline. Saying that it will encourage many people to overrun the natural cliffs is a bit like saying having British Champions in The Olympics and Tour de France will encourage the roads to be over run by cyclists, it hasn’t happened, and it won’t in climbing either. What will happen is that climbing will have better facilities and training for the ‘elite’, and this will encourage huge advances on the cliffs in the future, as people will understand how to train, with the facilities to train better. This will of course trickle down to give more and more climbers better training facilities and information and a general raising of the standard across all aspects of climbing will happen. We will see 10a; V18; E15 and beyond. I love to see those operating at the top end of our sport and I find that an inspiration. Good luck to Climb2020 and the Olympic Dream.”

Ian Dunn