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Sport Climbing and the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

Welcome to ‘Climb2020’. On the 28th September 2015, as part of the additional games program, the Tokyo 2020 Organizing Committee shortlisted sport climbing along with four other sports for possible inclusion in the 2020 Olympic Games. In August 2016, the 130 members of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) will vote to decide which of the five sports will be included.

This is a great opportunity for sport climbing and in association with the British Mountaineering Council (BMC), the Climb2020 campaign aims to raise greater awareness of the sport and unite climbing communities across the UK in support of this Olympic proposal. Over the coming months, the climb2020 web site will serve as both a hub where all the latest information will be published and a place where you can share your thoughts on the subject and register your support.

So, take a minute, register and see how you can get involved in support of this great opportunity!


“Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to be an Olympian. It would literally be fulfilling a dream.”

Molly Thompson-Smith

Climb2020's Olympic Bid

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End date: Aug 03, 2016

Signatures collected: 2095

Signature goal: 3000

2,095 signatures
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Register your support now! Getting the attention of the 130 members of the International Olympic Committee is no small task. However, the Climb2020 campaign is reaching right across the globe and with your support it will be found by those who look for it. By registering, you will be joining the Climb2020 community, which through a united and single voice will demonstrate to the IOC that climbing is perfectly positioned to become an Olympic sport.

You can view your signature along with everyone elses by clicking on ‘Show Registered Supporters” tab below. However, all email data collected is strictly confidential and stored in line with the Climb2020 privacy policy and will not be distributed or shared in any way.

On the 30 April 2016 the Climb2020 Campaign registered its 1500th signature of support!

Congratulations and any thanks to Elias Bignold from the UK who became the 1500th registered confirmed signature. With four months left before the IOC’s decision on 1 August we are striving for an ambitious 3000 signatures so please nudge a friend and continue to spread the word.

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2,095Adrian ArzaArgentinaAug 03, 2016
2,094Rachel RowellEnglandAug 03, 2016
2,093masoud taheryiranAug 03, 2016
2,092Katleho Pobe South AfricaAug 03, 2016
2,091Isa PerezUnited States of AmericaAug 03, 2016
2,090Richard SteeleUnited KingdomAug 03, 2016
2,089David FallowsAug 03, 2016
2,088Robert MacCormackCanadaAug 03, 2016
2,087Elliot RobertsUnited KingdomAug 03, 2016
2,086David NaudeSouth AfricaAug 03, 2016
2,085john pitchfordUnited KingdomAug 03, 2016
2,084Craig SmithUnited KingdomAug 03, 2016
2,083Peter FreierEnglandAug 03, 2016
2,082thomas CoombesUnited KingdomAug 03, 2016
2,081steve jonesUnited KingdomAug 03, 2016
2,080Stephen MorganUKAug 03, 2016
2,079jitka luuczech republicAug 03, 2016
2,078Ben SmithU.K. Aug 03, 2016
2,077Philip SmithUnited KingdomAug 03, 2016
2,076alireza pilleIranAug 03, 2016
2,075ali shakeryIranAug 03, 2016
2,074mahdi taghikhaniIranAug 03, 2016
2,073Amy Anderson Scotland Aug 03, 2016
2,072mohsen beheshti radIranAug 03, 2016
2,071Geoff Caslake United KingdomAug 03, 2016
2,070Katherine HardyUnited KingdomAug 03, 2016
2,069Ben LampkinUnited KingdomAug 03, 2016
2,068Tom BisikerUKAug 03, 2016
2,067Luke TippleAug 03, 2016
2,066Darcy HendersonUSAAug 03, 2016
2,065Sinead JonesUKAug 02, 2016
2,064James Basey-FisherUnited KingdomAug 02, 2016
2,063stephen layzellUnited KingdomAug 02, 2016
2,062Bogaciu AnamariaRomaniaAug 02, 2016
2,061Gordon Grier UKAug 02, 2016
2,060Komal AssadPakistanAug 02, 2016
2,059Luigi ChiabergeItalyAug 02, 2016
2,058Melika Naghi pourIranAug 02, 2016
2,057hamed zareIranAug 02, 2016
2,056Mojtaba Movahedian IranAug 02, 2016
2,055mohammad hasanyIranAug 02, 2016
2,054Arash DoustaryanIranAug 02, 2016
2,053David HolmesUnited KingdomAug 01, 2016
2,052parsa golabIranAug 01, 2016
2,051Mark BellUnited StatesAug 01, 2016
2,050Mohsen JavadiIranAug 01, 2016
2,049reza safikhaniIranAug 01, 2016
2,048Rosie BakerUKAug 01, 2016
2,047Ella YipGreat BritainAug 01, 2016
2,046Lisa EcclestonUkAug 01, 2016
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Who is supporting the campaign?
Rob Adie
Rob Adie

BMC Walls & Competitions Officer

Tony Smith
Tony Smith

GB Team Parent Representitive

Ian Dunn
Ian Dunn

Junior GB Lead Team Manager

Jim Pope
Jim Pope

Junior GB Climbing Team Member

Ben West
Ben West

Senior GB Boulder Team Member

Molly Thompson-Smith
Molly Thompson-Smith

Senior GB Climbing Team Member

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News and information on climbing events will be published regularly in the way of blogs and emailers will be posted monthly to all who register. Additionally, we will be keeping our ear to ground on all things related to the Olympics so for the latest snippets and to play your part in this campaign please follow and share.

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